Hold Up a Sec… is the brain child of of two guys who got together at a bar one time and thought, “You know what would be a cool? A show that talks about about the nerdy stuff you argue about with your friends when you’re drunk.”

It was from these very humble beginnings that the podcast you now know and love came to be. We take on the topics that you and your friends feel so passionate about, that you almost come to blows over them. Luckily you no longer have to throw down, but can instead listen to us come to blows…verbally of course. You’ll agree and disagree; You’ll laugh and cry;  You will most certainly take issue with us at some point, but we love you all anyway.

If you lose sleep or get so angry at what we talk about that you want to kick a basket of kittens , then we’ve done our job…you’re welcome.


Your hosts

Andrew Del Vecchio

Andrew originally comes from the great state of New Jersey, but moved to Celebration, Florida. After going to college in Tampa at The University of South Florida (GO BULLS!) he moved to NYC and currently works as a professional improv performer and teacher.

Andrew is an enthusiast of burritos, sports, his cats, and of course…Star Wars. A self realized fanboy, you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who takes their love of ‘The Wars’ as serious as he does. He also loves comics, movies, and video games (especially if they happen to be of the Final Fantasy or Assassins Creed variety).

You can find Andrew performing in ‘On The Spot’ every Monday at the Broadway Comedy Club (@OnTheSpotNYC) when he isn’t recording the most awesome show ever. You can keep up with Andrew on most social media platforms.

Also if you like emo acoustic music you can follow his project My First Day!


Alberto “Albie” Videla

Hailing from the roughest and toughest parts of Queens NY, Alberto was forged and tempered in the fires of all things video games and nerdy. The first controller he ever picked up was an Atari 2600, and one of the first games he can clearly remember playing with his older brother was ‘Frogs and Flies’. It was all downhill from there.

Video games were the gateway that lead to experimenting with other things like anime, manga, collectible card games, comic books, and recently an interest in D&D (his Rogue dropped his twin swords on his first attack ever and the embarrassment is felt to this day still). You can read his random musings here on this site, or follow him on his social medias. Also he likes to wear ties on his head and dance, in that order

Likes: Legend of Zelda, food of all kinds, lifting things up and putting them down, Arsenal Football Club, NYC Football Club, craft beer & whiskey, and also his loving fiancee Alison who totally didn’t tell Alberto that he should put this up.

Dislikes: The damn NY Jets and FFXIII (it’s not good Andrew!)