Albie’s Journey: A New Hunter’s Tale

I never before played any of the Monster Hunter titles. It wasn’t for lack of awareness – I am aware of the Capcom series, and know also how devoted the fan base is. No, my reason for having skipped the first game came down to the fact that I was a sophomore in college when the game released in North American on September of 2004, and at that time I wasn’t as heavy into gaming as I was focusing on my studies…at least trying to anyway. On top of that, my brother didn’t let me take the PS2 away to school, so there’s that aspect to it.

Everything I learned about Monster Hunter came by way of articles and reviews written by games journalists. Having already skipped the first one, when Monster Hunters 2 and Tri released in North America in 2007 and 2010 respectively the boat had already sailed for me to get into the games; Furthermore the series is notorious for being an action RPG that is tough to get into with how mechanics heavy it is, and how much strategy is actually involved when playing the game. To take down some of the larger monsters, you actually need to gameplan. This is not a game one just picks up and hacks away at; That road will almost assure you a quick and painful demise. All of these factors combined to my oversight of Monster Hunter.

Fast forward 7 years to 2017. I am a grown ass adult with a steady, albeit boring, corporate job. I have decent income that affords me the privilege of owning a PS4 with some wiggle room to buy a new game every now and then. It’s the summer and the Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3 for you industry types, is going on and I am at my desk streaming the show in between bouts of work. Capcom announces the latest title in the Monster Hunter series and as I am about to tune it out and go back to work the reveal starts, and the game looks AMAZING. Those next gen consoles certainly make the game look extra pretty.

Fast forward again to 2018. Monster Hunter World releases worldwide in January to critical acclaim. I need to try this game. One of the big selling points to me now is how the game is being touted as one of the most accessible Monster Hunter games in the series, which means that it won’t be too difficult for someone like me to pick up; I buy the game February 7th and am instantly hooked. All the menus and stats and other figures don’t instantly scare me away, and I am actually understanding all of them, who would’ve thought? My Palico is the coolest Palico ever (fight me) and when the game opens and we are *spoilers* separated for a brief moment, I am so upset because my little cat buddy isn’t around. I find Tiffany (I named and modeled my Palico after my cat) though and all is right with the world.

So here I am, a new Monster Hunter player a week into his first experience and all this verbose prose was to introduce my running series of posts chronicling my run through this world of hunting beasts and crafting gear. I definitely suggest checking back every week or so for new stories in the ‘A Hunter’s Tale’ series as told by Alberto. It will definitely be a fun ride for all parties involved; and who knows, maybe I’ll actually learn to how to effectively use my insect glaive.

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