Stop Denying It, Spider-man Is Your Favorite Super Hero

Who’s your favorite superhero? More than likely you barely had to think about it before you answered. It doesn’t matter if you are a casual fan or a die-hard fan. If you read the comics or just watch the movies and TV shows. Or if you are new to the superhero scene or not. Everybody has their favorite. You can’t walk out the door without seeing a Batman t-shirt or Superman tattoo. Marvel superheroes have become an integral part of the zeitgeist at this point. So much so that the Marvel Cinematic Universe might as well be a sure-fire icebreaker for a conversation with anyone. But who is the greatest of all? Well, that would be your friendly neighborhood Spider-man.

I have a bad habit of being skeptical of things everyone loves. Music, movies, comics… if someone tells me it’s amazing my first reaction is “really? Is it that amazing?” It’s annoying I know and I try to keep it in check but if there is one superhero that has caught that ire the most it’s Spider-man. Sure Batman is more likely the superhero I roll my eyes at most, but Spider-man takes a lot of ire because, on paper, I should love the guy. And let’s be honest on paper he should be a lot of our favorites. There a lot of us out there who openly admit to loving the web-slinger but there is also a large group who chose the big badasses of the comic world. The Batmans, the Supermans, the Captain Americas. Reasonably there are good reasons for people to enjoy other heroes, and people are allowed to love whoever they want… but this article is not written from a reasonable place so let’s talk why he should be our favorite.

Accessibility. Peter Parker is arguably the most accessible superhero secret identity of all time. He’s a kid who was just a regular nerd who happened to get superpowers from a radioactive spider. Not an alien, a billionaire, former soldier, mutant, god, or supernatural being. Just some kid. He is excited about his powers and is constantly trying to grasp the prospect that he is, in fact, a superhero now. He struggles with his newfound responsibilities and balancing them with going to class and keeping a job. He’s surprised when the supermodel likes him and is extremely excited at the prospect of being an Avenger.  Being Spider-man is exhilarating for him, but also emotionally taxing. It’s not easy and he never pretends that its is. He struggles and he’s open about that in the narrative of the comic and/or movie. Parker’s most unrealistic personal trait is being incredibly smart. We can see ourselves in Peter, live through this fictional character and how it feels to become a superhero. He is the everyman of the superhero world. What’s another trait that grounds him in reality?

Imperfection. Peter Parker is amazingly and endearingly imperfect. He messes up, a lot. He tries to balance being Spider-man and a normal kid and fails. He literally tries to save his girlfriend and ends up accidentally killing her because he doesn’t understand his powers and panics. We are all imperfect. And we like to see that in our heroes. Or at least we should. Accepting the fact that even the strongest and bravest aren’t infallible makes it easier for the rest of us to soldier on. Characters like Spider-man show us that we can fail, epically so, and still be a bastion of good. A lot of us use comics and movies to escape from everyday issues, and when we see Peter bounce back from his struggles, it helps us all keep going. But the most important reason we love him is…

Fun. Spider-man is fun. Not in a dark brooding kick-ass way. Not in an overpowered demi-god way. Not in a foul-mouthed ultra-violent way. But in a light-hearted, passionate way. Peter Parker truly enjoys being Spider-man. Of course, there are moments when it becomes a lot to handle and he turns his back on his principles a bit (see the former paragraph…) but more often then not he finds so much happiness in helping people. He jokes and quips but doesn’t rely on vulgar terms or shock comedy to help it float. He somehow finds a line where he is both edgy but wholesome. We enjoy Peter as a person. He’s the kind of person you want to hang out with and you can see hanging out with you. Can’t really say that about Batman can you…

I have spent years resisting the fact that Peter Parker may be the most well-rounded character in comics. But it’s impossible to do anymore. The aforementioned reasons are plenty but to finish off this piece I’ll say the biggest reason he is one of my favorites now is… responsibility (no I will not be saying Uncle Ben’s quote). Many superheroes see their powers and mission as a burden or a requirement. I have to do this because of XYZ or whatever drives them. It’s not like that with Peter. He doesn’t have to. There isn’t a begrudging sense of servitude to a cause. Just a propensity to do the right thing. Which is what Peter Parker will always do. And what we should do… by admitting that Spider-man is our favorite superhero…

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2018 – What am I looking forward to?

2017 was one of those years in gaming that we as consumers and gamers do not see very often. Nintendo released a new console, the very fun to play Switch, that took the world by storm with its novel design and supported by an amazing library of software – a new Zelda and Super Mario game? where do I sign? Consumers and outlets who had previously written off Nintendo as no longer a contender in the console market (the Wii U was not very good) are now talking about the video game company’s resurgence; It’s an amazing story for the company that originally saved the video game market following the famous crash in the 80s.

Aside for a resurgent Nintendo, it seemed like every month in 2017 gave us a reason to rejoice as lovers of video games:

In January Capcom took one of it’s flagship series back to it’s horror survival roots with the surprisingly scary Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Not only was it a fun return to form for the series, but the VR support was surprisingly very well done considering how VR is still very much in its infancy when it comes to fun ways to integrate it in games.

February gifted us Horizon Zero Dawn, an original IP from Guerrilla Games that surprised many people with what it offered in the way of story and gameplay from a studio not known for such titles.

March was the release of the aforementioned Nintendo Switch with Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as a release title – a game that revolutionized the Zelda formula and went on to win multiple award. We also got Nier: Automata, itself a contender for a number of year end game awards.

April gave us Persona 5, In May we got Injustice 2, Tekken 7 dropped in June, July was Splatoon 2 and Pyre; We got a Hellblade and a good Sonic game in August as well as a new Uncharted title; Assassin’s Creed Origins dropped in October along with Super Mario Odyssey and Wolfenstein 2; and in December PUBG FINALLY got a full release (yawn).

All of this just to say, 2017 was stacked. Like really stacked. It should absolutely go down as one of the best years in gaming.

Well 2017 is gone and now it’s 2018. What am I looking forward to this year? Well if you read along further I’ll tell you what I want to play this year.

DragonBall Fighter Z
This game looks incredibly fun and I absolutely cannot wait to get my hands on it. I was a huge fan of the anime growing up, and recently got back into it with DragonBall Super. I am primed and ready to drop countless hours into this game and recreate some of the epic fights from the series. Also to stay true to spirit of the show, I will spend 20 mins powering up against my opponent before any fighting actually happens all the while yelling furiously. I am stoked.

Shadow of the Colossus
When the remake for the PS4 was announced at E3, I became very excited. I know that the game was remastered for PS3 previously, but this is going to be a complete remake from the ground up for the PS4 hardware. This game is going to look beautiful and I’m going to feel all the awe when encountering the colossi in all their PS4 remake glory.

Final Fantasy XV isn’t the only game that’s known for it’s long development cycle. Development began in 2007 and the game was released in November of 2016 for Windows; This year will see the title release across all consoles and I cannot wait to get my hands on this one.

God of War
Kratos is back! You cannot stop the ghost of Sparta, you can only delay him for a time(I mean that in the sense that you cannot stop a force, please Sony don’t delay Kratos). Kratos has already felled the pantheon of God in Greek mythology, now it looks like he is gearing up to do the same to the Norse gods. Oh and his son is with him. I am very interested to see how this mechanic will play out and also to see what exactly Kratos has been up to all this time. Hopefully his son’s AI doesn’t get in the way.

Darksiders III
Now there hasn’t been any official word on this (at least not that I recall reading) but I do believe that this is still slated for a 2018 release. I was a big fan of the first two Darksiders (Death more so than War) and am looking forward to playing as the 3rd horseman of the apocalypse. Fury may quickly become my favorite as her gameplay mechanics seem like they may be very different from both War and Death.

Kingdom Hearts III
Ok ok, I know what you’re going to say and yes there is a part of me that is skeptical on the release of this in 2018. But I am a hopeful fool who wants badly to believe that we will finally get a numbered sequel to Kingdom Hearts II. Don’t break my heart Square Enix; Don’t you dare! Kingdom Hearts fans want, no, NEED this game this year. We can’t handle another decimal based, upscaled, re-skin of KH II. Do the right thing here.

Mega Man 11
When the Capcom community team showed us a bunch of gameplay and other insights for Mega Man 11 on Twitch, I was hooked instantly. I like the new art style and am a fan of the blue bomber’s new aesthetic. I’m a long time fan of this series so it goes without saying that I am on board for this in 2018 … especially after Mighty Number 9 failed to live up as the spiritual successor.

Project Octopath Traveler
I don’t know much about this title beyond the fact that it is 2D-3D styled RPG for the Nintendo Switch that was announced last year as part of their direct. I am intrigued by it and definitely want to know more about it.

Spider-Man is the greatest super hero ever. Period. There is absolutely no discussion to be had here; Fight me. This game looks fantastic and I cannot wait to step in the shoes of everyone’s friendly neighborhood web head. My body is tingling just thinking about it. I want it.

2018 may not be the year that its predecessor was, but there is most certainly enough titles scheduled for release this year to keep me busy. All of these games make me excited for a number of reasons and I cannot wait to get my hands on all these titles. Give them to me NOW!